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Hey there! My Name is Tana Marie Matz. I live in Nashville, TN, I'm from Reading, OH. My favorite color is blue, and I have a cat named Peanut who I adore a little too much.

When it comes to the artistic part of my life, I love to sing, write songs, perform, and play guitar and piano. Music is my passion; I could do it all day if it was completely healthy for me to do so. I realized I had an ear for music when I was five years old and began playing “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion on my multicolored xylophone.

By age 15 I had taught myself guitar and played piano mostly by ear. It wasn’t until I was 17 that I had gained the courage to sing for my parents. I have been blessed to release my debut EP "Just Fly" that has been supported and played by several online radio stations, and my sophomore EP "In Time" that released at #11 on the iTunes Country Chart. I've have had the privilage to open for Kellie Pickler, Kip Moore, Cole Swindell, Brett Eldredge, John Rich, Dustin Lynch, Cannan Smith, Russell Dickerson, and Joe Nichols!

I want this dream of mine to become reality for many reasons. Not only for my own personal happiness, but I want to inspire people, and be a role model. I want to help the people in my life and try to make this world a better place for as many people as I possibly can. When I die, I want to know that I changed the world for the better, that I lived my dreams, and that I did all I could to share what I was so blessed to be given.

If you are reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know. Without your support my dream would have no wings. I can’t wait to meet you!! :)

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